Tools: What are WorldSupporter Media and how can you add a photo, film or document?

What are WorldSupporter Media?

  • With the Media tool you can share movies, photos, presentations or documents.
  • Uploaded Media can tell their own story or can be used to strengthen one of your other contributions (such as Blogs, Magazines or Summaries)

How to create WorldSupporter Media?

  • For movies or presentations or other media bigger than 2MB:
    • Upload your content to a specialized platform such as YouTube, Vimeo or Pinterest
    • Advertise your presentation or movie by placing a shortcut to your content or upload a picture that summarizes the content
  • For Pictures and documents smaller than 2MB
    • Create a Media page
    • and upload your file in the 'media' field
  • For optimal exposure on WorldSupporter always add an accompanying image to your shared movies or documents, this image will be shown on your personal profile and on the profiles of your followers
  • Always make sure that you do not violate copyright if you use material from others and make good use of source listings

What can you do if uploading photos fails?

  • Make sure the file is no larger than 2 MB.
  • Check whether your file meets the requirements listed below the field, e.g. the file type (usually limited to: png, gif, jpg, jpeg)

Where to add WorldSupporter Media?

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