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Economic Growth - Weil - Summary in pdf

In the pdf attachments on this page one can find summaries of the following chapters from the book 'Economic Growth' by Weil:

  • Chapter 1: The Facts to be Explained
  • Chapter 2: A Framework for Analysis
  • Chapter 3: Physical Capital
  • Chapter 4: Population and Economi...

Summary & Study Notes
Summary lecture 5, introduction to IB

  Video  10: Non-equity entry modes-exporting, licensing and franchising (contract is key) Equity modes-greenfield, acquisition and joint venture (ownership is key) Alliances can be both Licensing=a form of contracting where firm A licenses to firm B in another country the right to use fir...

Summary lecture 2, Global Political Economy

3 theoretical perspectives

  1. Economic nationalism: conflict, zero sum game
  • The roots: classical realismà the international system is an anarchy (perpetual state of war). Thought behind economic nationalismà the state is the principal actor in politics/viewed ...

Study guide with articles for Business and economics

Study guide with articles for Business and economics Article summaries for Business and economics

  • for article summaries with Business and economics, see the supporting content of this study guide

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  • Economical study books and standard ...

Samenvatting Marketingcommunicatiestrategie (Floor)

Deze samenvatting bij Marketingcommunicatiestrategie van Floor is geschreven in het studiejaar 2013-2014.

  • Hoofdstuk 1: Marketingcommunicatie
  • Hoofdstuk 2: De communicatiemix van een onderneming
  • Hoofdstuk 3: Kritiek en regelgeving
  • Hoofdstuk 4: werking van...

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