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What is economics?

Economics is the social science concerned with how individuals, societies, and countries make choices under conditions of scarcity. It examines how resources are allocated, produced, distributed, and consumed. In essence, economics explores the intricate dance between limited resources and human wan...


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Summary of Development Economics by Ray

Summary on Development Economics (Ray) written in 2012-2013.

  • Chapter A: Introduction to development
  • Chapter B: Growth
  • Chapter C  New theories
  • Chapter D: History and expectations
  • Chapter E: Economical disparity
  • Chapter F  Consequen...

Summary Economic Growth (Weil, 2013)

Summary of Economic Growth (Weil, 2013) - written and donated to WorldSupporter in 2014

  • Chapter 1: The facts to be explained
  • Chapter 2: A framework for analysis
  • Chapter 3: Physical capital
  • Chapter 4: Population and Economic Growth
  • Chapter 7: Measuri...

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