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Mini CV
Travel & Move: 
I am Julia, born in Germany and living in NL. After completing my final schoolexams in Tangier (Morocco), I wanted to take a year off before I started to study.
My search on the Internet eventually led me to the European Voluntary Service (EVS): a program for young people aged between 18 and 30 who want to do voluntary work in a European country.
Experience & Leisure: 
EVS, in addition to getting to know the Dutch culture and language, also gave me the opportunity to experience living together with three other volunteers from different European countries.
This gave me insight into other mentalities, cultural differences and similarities. That is how I became more involved in Europe. I like to listen to world music and find it a good medium to get acquainted with a different culture and language.
Learn & Develop: 
I have received education in many different countries, including the American School in Tangier, Morocco, English education in Oxford Alicante (Spain) and the Netherlands.
I followed a three-week Spanish course in Guatemala's second-largest city, Quezaltenango, and also did fieldwork for my Latin American & Caribbean Studies master's. For this, I also spent 4 months in Buenos Aires to do research on identity formation. As a member of the Student Association Development Cooperation Leiden (SOL) I participated in trips to non-profit organizations. ties, discussion rounds, etc., this gave me more insight into development cooperation in the Netherlands.
Help & Change: 
EVS: I had the opportunity to do this for ten months in the Netherlands at Stichting Titurel, an anthroposophical home and work community for mentally handicapped people aged 18 and over.
The building of the foundation made a fairytale impression on me, it looked like a castle. This was the home of twenty-four residents, the staff and for ten months four EVS volunteers, including me. The other girls came from France, Denmark and Austria. We supported the staff and residents in the daily activities and activities (gardening, housekeeping, making pottery and braiding mats, woodworking, caring for animals) and accompanying the residents during trips and fun games. I have learned a lot about dealing with mentally disabled people, how I can save myself in a new environment and taking responsibility.
Work & Initiate: 
General board member at The Dutch Ones, a foundation for (ex-) EVS volunteers.
Responsible for grant applications, promoting and informing about EVS, and organizing various activities to inform European volunteers with the Netherlands, but also with each other.


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