Ayurveda - The science or rather a way of life?

Ayurveda - The science or rather a way of life?

A couple of years ago I learned about Ayurveda through stories and experiences of people in my surroudings. I was immediately intrigued to find out and learn more about this ancient life philosophy and health science from India, as it focuses on healing body, mind and soul by giving inspiritation on how to keep these in balance. Ayurveda is a science that is based on the laws of nature and teaches us how to align ourselves with the five elements (fire, air, space, water, earth), without a one-size-fits all approach as it recognizes the uniqueness of each individual being.

Everyone has a unique constitution made up of a combination of the five elements, that reflect the macro cosmos in a micro environment - your own body, mind and soul. In the physical body, vata (space, air) is the subtle energy of movement, pitta (mainly fire) the energy of digestion and metabolism, and kapha (earth, water) the energy that forms the body’s structure (bones, muscles).

Ayurveda holds the motto: like increases like and opposites balance. When it's hot and sunny outside, the advice is to eat or do something with cooling qualities to create a sense of balance and alignment. Eating something hot or doing something that causes you to sweat would only increase the sensation of heat and fire, make you more vulnerable for disbalance, indigestion and disease.

Ayurveda seems to be gaining more popularity in the Western hemisphere as well, as people become aware of the principles that are easily incorporated and bring so many benefits.

This magazine provides some interesting sources and an overview for those who want to find out more about this complementary System of Healing.

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Simple Ayurveda is a platform set up by an American woman, who is passionate about Ayurveda and wants to share her knowlegde and insights through her blog, podcast and collective.

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