Compassionate Communication

Compassionate Communication

Check out: Rosenberg's podcast on NVC (Non-Violent communication)

More information on Theory U can be gathered on Wikipedia.

Recently, I've taken a dive into the world of compassionate communication, a topic that I feel strongly about and that entails a skill that everyone should master if we were to reach out and create a world of support and understanding.

Firstly, I'm learning about nonviolent communication through reading and listening to Marshall Rosenberg's book + podcast. Very much recommend diving into the topic!
Also very intrigued by the opening statement: that "nonviolent" is not quite the just term for his concept but he uses it to connect to his audience. Rosenberg often uses "compassionate communication instead.

Secondly, I'm following a series of three workshops based on Theory U.

Thirdly, I'm eager to learn more compassionate parenting, conscious parenthood.

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Interesting TEDTalk by Shefali Tsabary, one of the pioneers when it comes to conscious parenting on YouTube.

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