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During my travels, the most special experience was the cultural crash.
when you discover new places, it is the people who live there that make them different from the world you live in, and although it might feel awkward at the beginning, like if you just don't belong, after understanding what it means to travel and look at the world with an open mind, it will be the utmost glorifying experience ever.
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One of my contributions to the world is my volunteering time with the special Olympics in panama, where we helped athletes with disabilities.
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 Most individuals meet the criteria for two or more eating disorders at different times. Many people do not meet the criteria for an eating disorder, but do show behaviours and concerns that fit in an eating disorder. They are diagnosed with other specified feeding or eating disorder.   An...

Which personality disorders exist? - Chapter 8 (Abnormal Psychology)

Personality is the collection of characteristics that the person has or shows and that distinguishes him or her from others. It is the way we behave, think, believe and feel. These characteristics make us unique. A personality trait is a complex pattern of behavior, thoughts and emotions that remain...

Which anxiety disorders exist? - Chapter 4 (Abnormal Psychology)

General fear anxiety Due to evolution, humans and animals have an automatic reaction to danger: the fight or flight response (fight or flight). The psychological changes that arise during this response are due to the activation of two systems: the autonomic nervous system and the adrenal cortical sy...

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Applied Cognitive Psychology

Multiple choice sample exam questions - Leiden University (2019) Lecture 2: Fundamentals The classic version of Broadbents Attentional Filter refers to an early selection of sensory information to enter perception, based on:

  • modality (e.g. auditory vs visual)
  • physical properties (p...