PCHP - Personality Clinical and Health psychology

Summary for Personality Clinical and Health psychology.

What does abnormality mean? - Chapter 1 (Abnormal Psychology)
Which theories and treatments of abnormality exist? - Chapter 2 (Abnormal Psychology)
How can you assess and diagnose abnormality? - Chapter 3 (Abnormal Psychology)
Which anxiety disorders exist? - Chapter 4 (Abnormal Psychology)
Which somatic symptom disturbances and dissociative disorders do exist? – Chapter 5 (Abnormal Psychology)
What is the relationship between mood disorders and suicide? - Chapter 6 (Abnormal Psychology)
What does the schizophrenic spectrum and related psychotic disorders look like? - Chapter 7 (Abnormal Psychology)
Which personality disorders exist? - Chapter 8 (Abnormal Psychology)
Which eating disorders exist? - Chapter 9 (Abnormal Psychology)
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