Title: Captain may I cross
Captain may I cross

Captain may I cross

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Captain may I cross

Captain may I cross

Education Category: Games
Ages: 4-8, 8-12

A typical Dutch game!


This is a typical Dutch game, played by many dutch children. You can play it with a big group, so its suitable for schools and classes.


The game is played in an area between two lines. These lines lay in opposite of each other. In between is the playing area. Across the lines you are so called “free”.

In the playing area stands the captains. You can decide for yourself how many. The players are standing behind one line. They are singing this song:

Captain may I cross, yes or no. Do I have to pay for that, yes or no?

Then the captains reply with yes or no. If the answer is no, you may cross to the other line without any problems. If the answer is yes, the players ask: How?  Then the captains reply again. This time with an order for the players. This can be anything. Like hopping or crawling or something (the captains may decide which order by theirself).

Then the real deal starts. The players have to reach the other line, while carrying the order out. The captains are going to try to tap the players (the captains have to carry the order out also). When a player is tapped, he is captain too. That means more and more captains are coming and less players are remaining. The last player who remained, is the winner!

The children are singing together and will develop their motor skills. 

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