Summary psychopharmacology chapter 3

Depression is the most common psychological disorder. One out of ten adults have ever been diagnosed with depression. In general, 17% of all people, 24% of women and 12% of men. Depression in adolescence and among young adults can lead to suicide, among others. Suicide is number three of leading causes of death. The diagnostic criteria are described in DSM-IV or DSM-V. At least five of the following symptoms must be experienced for at least two weeks:depressed or irritable throughout the dayreduced level of interest and pleasurea clear change in appetite and weight (someone eats lot or someone doesn’t want to eat)insomnia or hypersomniamotor stiffening or deterioration (this is often seen by others)fatigue or reduced energya bad concentrationfeelings of hopelessness, guilt and worthlessness, repeated thoughts of suicidemost people with a major depression do have comorbid anxietyAnother form of depression is the reactive depression. This is often accompanied by a big change in someone's life. This depression is similar to a major depression, but it only disappears in a few weeks to a month, and in this type the period of depression alternates with periods of normal mood. Deviations in serotonin and norepinephrine systems can cause depression. This is known because medications that act on these monoamines (serotonin and norepinephrine) reduce or cause the depression. Evidence for this is the drug Reserpine that was used for high blood pressure, but as a side effect it causes depression. Once the drug was stopped, the depression disappeared again. This is how the monoamine hypothesis of depression came about. In the first version of this one did not know which of the monoamines were responsible for the depression and how this was...

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