IT and technology: The best textbooks summarized

Summaries and study assistance with IT and technology

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  • Booksummary with: Strategic Management of Information Systems - Pearlson & Saunders - 5th international student edition
  • Booksummary with: Accounting Information Systems by Romney & Steinbart - 13th edition
  • Booksummary with: Information technology for management by Turban
  • Booksummary with: Operations and supply chain management, the core by Jacobs and Chase - 4th edition

About IT en technology

  • Technology encompasses the tools and processes we use to solve problems and improve our lives. From computers to medical devices, it's the application of scientific knowledge.
  • IT, or information technology, specifically focuses on using technology to manage information. IT professionals design and maintain computer systems and networks to help organizations store, process, and communicate data.
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IT and technology: The best concepts summarized
The best textbooks summarized per field of study
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The best textbooks summarized per field of study

The best textbooks summarized per field of study

Summaries and study assistance with the best textbooks per field of study

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IT en technologie: De beste studieboeken samengevat

Samenvattingen en studiehulp bij IT en technologie



  • Business intelligence and information management: De beste studieboeken samengevat
  • IT law and intellectual property: De beste studieboeken samengevat


  • Summaries with: the best textbooks of IT and Technology

Over IT en technologie

  • Technologie omvat de kennis, vaardigheden, methoden en processen die worden gebruikt om wetenschappelijke kennis om te zetten in praktische oplossingen. Het gaat om het ontwerpen, ontwikkelen, produceren en toepassen van hulpmiddelen, machines, materialen en processen om het leven te verbeteren. Denk aan computers, internet, smartphones, medische apparatuur.
  • IT, of informatietechnologie, is een more
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