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The person who I interviewed worked with me. We met when I was in South Africa in Port Elizabeth, doing the sport project. So she is a volunteer from South Africa self. And that inspired me to interview her! She does multiple things! We you’ll find out when you read more.


My name is Geeske and thank you, that I can interview you. For people who don’t know you can you introduce yourself. And maybe tell us something about yourself?


Okay, no problem! My name is Alice and I’m 19 years old. Now I live in South Africa (Port Elizabeth) but I also lived in England.


And how is it to live in South Africa and how long are you staying here in South Africa? Is it really different than England?


It’s really nice! I live close to the beach. The city is really nice as well. And the weather is always good, not as England *laughs*. I’m staying for 4 months.

But yes, it’s really different. You can see a big different between rich and poor. And I’m not used to that


Do you think that is something from the apartheid?


Yes, I think so. I wasn’t here when the apartheid was going on. But you can still see the area’s for different people. I think it’s going better though! And that makes me happy.


Okay thank you for that. Now another topic; What do you think of the education in South Africa?


I personally think we can improve that. The half of the kids are not going to high school. And we should change that.


What do you think that we should do?


I think the government should stimulate more. They should tell the parents how important it is that there children should go to school. I think that would be an improvement.


When you first met did you think you were very similar or very different? How do you feel about that now?


Yes, I think we’re very similar. And still feel the same about that!


What inspires you? Which song, movie, book? Why?


That’s a good question.  My inspiration is not really original: Nelson Mandela. I think that is because he tried his best with getting the rights and all that stuff. What also inspires me is the smiles from the kids when they play sports. Those keep me going.


That is really nice; personally I like Nelson Mandela to. And I can understand where you come with what you say!

And which song, movie, book? And can you explain me why?


We are the world from who is that again. It got Michael Jackson in it and so many more artists. O wait it is USA for Africa. With a lot of famous people! But I would choose this song because they explain it so well. It gets me every time I listen to it.


I know that song!


Can I ask do you have a song that inspires you?


Yes of course you can ask that! My song would be ordinary love by U2. This song came out before I came here. So I touched me more I think!


Oh that’s a nice choice!


I think this is a nice question to end with! So again thank you for this interview.


No problem I would do it again * starts singing we are the world* *laughs*


*Laughs as well*


As you can see we are all so similar and we all got the same kind of goals! So if you want listen to the song again and start thinking that you can make a change! Like the song says; Send them your heart, so they’ll know that someone cares. And their lives will be stronger and free.

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