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The explanation below is specific voor the orphanage 'Sunrise' in Kathmandu, Nepal. You can adjust the information if you want to use it for other purposes. 

The memory book

Every child in Sunrise is supposed to have a memory book, just for their own. At first a memory book is just an empty case, but throughout the years it will be filled with memories, created by the child itself.  It can be filled with all kinds of personal items such as assignments, thoughts, arts & crafts or photo’s. By creating this book the child gets the opportunity to take memories from their youth to future life. And as a great second circumstantial, the children can actively discover who they are, what they want and what they are capable of. And with a little help they can accomplish these goals, in a creative and fun way. Enjoy!

How to work with the memory book

The memory book guide contains all kind of worksheets; they do not have to be completed in a particular order. Feel free to interpret the worksheets in a creative and fun way. When you completed a worksheet, make sure that you check off that worksheet in the index. The index can be found at the back of the memory book of every child.

Please note that we tried to create worksheets which help the children to actively discover and develop themselves. Some worksheets may be too difficult or too easy for some children, because the children are from different ages and they all develop in their own pace. Therefore you can just pick a worksheet which you think will fit the development level, experience, age and/or occupations of a child.

Note for volunteers

This guide contains all kind of assignments which you can do with the children but these assignments are just suggestions. If you want to do other assignments with the children, which are in line with the goals of a memory book, please feel free to do so. Also when you feel there is something missing in this book, feel free to add it to the guidebook (a digital version is available at the VSN office).

Please, always check if there’s enough art material left in the closet. Maybe you collected some sponsor money from friends and family. You can think about buying some new materials for the memory books (for example available in Koteshwor). It’s not really expensive and the kids will love it!

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