Create an Imaginary Hurricane!

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Create an Imaginary natural phenomenon! (imaginary play)


Hurricane :

Content of the activity(s):


  1. Practice making the sounds which are needed for the play:
    • rubbing hands
    • clipping fingers
    • clapping hands
    • slapping legs
    • stamping feet
  2. Practice recognizing all off these sounds with closed eyes.
  3. Are the children able to copy the sounds and the movement without looking to the teacher? if Yes:

You can start now creating an imaginary Hurricane!

Sit in a circle quietly.
Eyes are closed!
Wait for the teacher's first instruction.
The imaginary rain starts when the teacher starts rubbing his hands.
When the first child next to the teacher hears the sound he also starts making the same sound.
The child next to the first child follows on and this continues until everyone is rubbing hands.
Then the teacher tells the children that the imaginary rain becomes stronger!
He starts clipping fingers, the children follow one by one around the circle. 
The teacher tells the children that the imaginary rain becomes even stronger!
He starts clapping his hands, the children follow one by one around the circle. 
The teacher tells the children that the imaginary rain becomes even stronger than showers!
He starts slapping his legs and stamp his feet, the children follow one by one around the circle.
The teacher tells the children that the storm is now right above us, everybody goes as loud as they can!


The teacher lowers his voice and tells the children that it is time for the storm to go away now and the game continues in reversed order:
the storm is now getting more quiet:the teacher starts clapping hands softer and the children follow, clipping fingers and rubbing hands to finish up.

At the end of the game the teacher tells:

'The storm is almost sleeping now so wave your hands as soft as you can… sssssttt!!! 
now stop and we sleep with the storm'.

Everybody pretends to be sleeping.

Throughout the game the children have their Eyes Closed.

Rain ritual (imaginary play)
You play the same game but then imagine that  you are calling the rain gods so that they can help it rain!

You can make use of all kinds of small movements: like clicking your tongue, pinking on a table etc.
Make sure the sound first becomes louder and more intense and then softens down until it is quiet again.
Keep difficult children close to you during the play so that you have more control.

Tornado (imaginary Play)
Form a standing circle
The teacher stands in the middle
The teacher starts with a movement which makes a sound
He points at a child in the circle
The child takes over the sound as the first one to start
The child in the circle turns left (or right) and transfers the same to the one beside him
Thias way the sound goes along the circle in the chosen direction
If everybody is doing the same movement which makes a sound and stormy enough the game reverses order to calm down!

For example:
1. Start with moving from left to right
2. Do as if you are standing in the wind and move faster
3. Drum fingers on top of each other,
4. Rub hands ,
5. Clap hands,
6. Slap on upper legs,
7. Stamp feet.

Then do the same but in reversed order: 6-5-4-3-2-1

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