Lesson 5 on Healthy Nutrition

Education Category: Health
Ages: 4-8, 8-12, 12-16, 16+

This booklet guides health workers to educate children about healthy nutrition, in an appropriate way.

Note: the discription below describes the final lesson of an educational program on healthy nutrition. In total the program comprises 5 different lessons, which are all available in the World School Bank. Please find the program's introduction as well as extra lesson 5 material attached.

Lesson 5 – Cooking lesson


  • Cooking equipment
  • Fresh products
  • Recipes
  • Plates and cutlery
  • First-aid kit
  • Fact sheet


  • Know what the recipe is
  • Prepare equipment for use
  • Set up safety rules
  • Know how to perform first-aid
  • Invite parents
  • Copy fact sheets for students


This is the last lesson of the program, which has to be fun and educational. Students are going to realize everything they have learned during previous lessons. They have to create a recipe with the available products. Before turning the products into a meal, they should explain to you and their parents why they chose these nutrients. Make sure everything progresses safely and responsibly. When all students finished cooking their healthy meals, create a circle and dine with the students and their parents. This should be a cosy way to end the program.

What is a healthy diet for children under the age of twelve?
As you will understand, it is important for a child to consume the right amount of nutrients. Therefore the ideal diet is attached. Communicate this to the children and their parents.

End of the program
This program was set up for a reason: creating awareness of the risks and pleasures nutrition can cause and changing the unhealthy eating pattern of Filipinos. Whether or not this has been achieved, has to be discussed with students. You and the students should evaluate the program to spot shortcomings and successful parts of the program. Thank them for their willingness to take part in the lessons. Make sure you and the students had a good time!

Show them the song ‘Party in my tummy’:


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