Lesson 4 on Healthy Nutrition

Education Category: Health
Ages: 4-8, 8-12, 12-16, 16+

This booklet guides health workers to educate children about healthy nutrition, in an appropriate way.

Note: the discription below describes lesson 4 of an educational program on healthy nutrition. In total the program comprises 5 different lessons, which are all available in the World School Bank. Please find the program's introduction as well as extra lesson 4 material attached.

Lesson 4 – Diseases


  • Strip-cartoon on diseases
  • Salt, clean water, sugar, spoons and glass
  • Recipe ORS


  • Prepare knowledge on diseases (chapter 3 and 4)
  • Copy cartoon for every student
  • Prepare for making ORS

Explanation of diseases
Show the strip-cartoon to children and make sure they understand it. You may add your own knowledge in this lesson to provide more information. Ask questions about what they have read to check whether they actually understand it. Make sure they are impressed by the negative effects of the diseases.

Making ORT
ORS is an easy way to stop diarrhoea and can simply be made by children at home. In addition, it is a very cheap solution to stop dehydration. In this lesson, you will prepare ORS together with the children and give them the recipe, which can be found in the attachment. Let them taste the solution, to reassure that they are not scared of making and drinking it themselves and that it is harmless.

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