Since my bag broke a few weeks ago, I really was in need of a new one. You must think, you are a woman you must have a sh*t load of purses and bags, definitely true but I needed one in which my laptop fits since I need my laptop for my work on a daily base. While I was thinking of what kind of bag I wanted and already got a little annoyed about the absurd prices they ask for bags nowadays I got an email.

Amnesty International's monthly newsletter, and you might guess it already, they have some great bags for sale. Not only would I support a good cause but these bags are definitely world supporter worthy since they are made out of old materials, for example teabags.

I've chosen the Rag Bag, with the words; 'all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights'. Ragbag products are being made out of rags that is collected, cleaned and fabricated into new products. This process is better known as 'upcycling', a process that turns rag into high value products. Besides that, this amazing brand follows the principals of the World Fair Trade Organization if it comes to production process, producers pay fair prices so the hard workers get what they deserve and have enough sources to take care of their families in India, where this project takes place. The designs are made by several talented Dutch Designers for the Rietveld Academy and the Design Academy Eindhoven](httppublicpublic://blog/ragbag_amnesty_260_0.jpgblog/unknown_4.jpegwww.designacademy.nl/). in the Netherlands.

Win win situation for everybody if you ask me; a lovely bag, supporting local workers in India and supporting Amnesty International. And if you check out, don't forget to make a donation to Amnesty for all the good work they do.

Happy bag hunting you all,

xx Cecile

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Wauw, I love these bags! I am

Wauw, I love these bags! I am going to have a look, because I think this is a very nice idea. Of course I am one of the women with a bags collection at home, but well, one bag next to this collection is not a crime :-)

Hi Elise

Yes they are so good, aren't they? Got a lot of compliments already, and they aren't to expensive at all!

A woman can't have enough bags, ever ;)


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