Why live in the past or the future, if you can live today?

So here's something I've been thinking about for a while now. Having spend a large portion of my life thinking that we as humans are basicly monsters with the ability to do good. However after giving it some more thought, I think it's the opposite. Humans are awesome, but have the ability to do great evil and personally, I think one day that evil will get less and less.

Although modern media loves to sensationalize everything. Crime, atleast here in Europe and the US has been in decline since the 60's. Not only that but world starvation, sickness and oppression has been going down aswell at a breakneck speed.

If you start counting from 2000, when the Millennium Goals were set, to now. We've made greater leaps in improving the quality of life than any other time in history. But it takes a certain mindset. A vision and the courage to do good. These concepts are nothing new for volunteers, but the rest of the world is beginning to wake up to them aswell. Large companies openly admit gay people should have equal rights. More and more nations help eachother out in times of crisis, even when they're at hostile standings.

So why would you want to live in the past? And what's so good about the unpredictable future? Me? I'll stay right where I am, because this world is beautifull.

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Why live in the past or the future, if you can live today?
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Beautiful piece Dennis,

Beautiful piece Dennis, totally agree.We should live in the now with an eye on the future and should let the past be the past.And we are improving, so we should be proud of what we achieved already but never forget we have a whole lote more to achieve.cheers xx

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