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First of, I loved this idea!

First of, I loved this idea! But the guy's selling it for 29 bucks? An empty box? That's just insane.
It's true that there's very little what we need. I've stopped giving Sinterklaas presents years ago, never handed out Christmas presents and even on birthdays its just money. Honestly, that cozy happy feeling during Christmas is more then enough for me. That's why I love Christmas so much.
Great blog, thanks for posting.

Hi Dennis,

yes 29 euros is a lot of money, I don't understand why it has to be so expensive. I tried to figure out where the money is going to, but I couldn't get any information on that subject. So in my mind it goes to a good cost ;)!

We stopped giving presents as well this year, we all putted 25euro's on an account with the family and we are planning on doing something fun with it, go out for diner, just some quality time. So spend it on memories not on stuff.

Happy Holidays for you Dennis


And you Cecile. =)

And you Cecile. =)

I'm sure the moneybath he'll

I'm sure the moneybath he'll be able to make with this isn't 'nothing' xD But I do really like the idea!! We don't usually give presents, but I might just pack a whole load of empty boxes with wrapping paper!! Decorations :3

Hi Coosje

yes i'm afraid he is, but I really like the idea and hope it's making people think about the consumption society we are living in. :) Would be good to wrap a bunch of nothing, maybe but a nice life quote in it :)


Lovely blog, Cecile! I hadn't

Lovely blog, Cecile! I hadn't noticed 'nothing' before, great sculpture! I really like the idea "Gast aan tafel" I saw at the Oxfam Novib facebook page. By giving a donation you can let someone 'join' your christmas dinner: I think this would be much better than spending you money on 'nothing' ;-).

Tough, have a nice Christmas!!

Hi Elise

sorry for the late response :) great tip, thanks


I really do believe these so

I really do believe these so called holidays are just days for people to turn greedy. I stopped celebrating Christmas just because of the pressure of buying buying and buying...I always thought it was about being together.
Lets take my friends for example...I got invited with the idea of just hanging out and having a great time. Out of nowhere the discussion of gifts started. At this point, I rejected de invitation. I get the updates on facebook from their event and they are going to buy five gifts (to keep it fair???) with a budget of €10,-...which will bring the most ridiculous and useless gifts. I believe this is just to fulfill their greedy desire. 
Wish they would just decide to put their money together and donate it...instead of buying c#$* gifts...

Hi Rajeb

Sorry late response :P totally agree with you!!

maybe a good idea to do something with all the worldsupporters next year?

we should definitely think about that!!


haha, I agree 100% Rajeb!!

haha, I agree 100% Rajeb!!
But man, I really do 'love' Christmas. Me and my family never buy gifts for eachother, which is a-ok with me.

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