Checklist for when you're moving abroad

What to check regarding your property/residence in your home country?

  • Sell, sublet, lend or leave your property empty.
  • At end of lease: check in what state you should deliver your property/residence. For example think about recovering your outstanding deposit. Return your rented housing back to its original state if you don't keep it.
  • Arrange a convenient time for terminating the utilities in your rented or owned residence: keep your day of departure in mind. Allow plenty of time.
  • Consider using an agent when you are planning to rent out your residence. Make final arrangements with tenants if you keep your house (Think of meter readings).
  • Hand in house keys if you have a rental house (corporation, new renters, counsellor); check if any third parties have your house keys too.
  • Check meter readings for final payment.
  • Check termination of utilities (gas, water, electricity).
  • Repair your car and have it equipped technically to suit the country that you emigrate to, mind the requirements in that country (if you bring a car).
How to make a decision about your property/residence abroad?
  • Renting, buy it directly or rent first temporarily?
  • Get trustworthy information if you would like to purchase a condiminium
  • Determine minimum requirements and maximum budget for a new house and stick to it while finding a new house.
  • Make pictures of your rental house and make a list of the state of present goods.
  • Investigate the state of your apartment for rent before buying it.
  • Organise the connecting of utilities preferably 24-48 hours before arrival.
  • Arrange insurances and security measures; expat houses are more vulnerable.

What issues to give attention on health, vaccinations & medicine?

  • Give yourself plenty of time to sort out the required vaccinations and medical clearances (this may take up to weeks or months to arrange).
  • Get international declarations about the medicines you bring at the beginning of your stay and find out which comparable medicines are locally available.
  • Check the options for continuation of existing conditions.
  • Get familiar with the common diseases there and how to treat them, keep updated on health advisories.
  • Read up on local health care: hospitals, doctors, dentists, maternity care, check the experiences of fellow countrymen or other foreigners who have emigrated. 
  • Get a final medical check from the doctor you trust in your home country, get a medical file that you can use internationally from your doctor, dentist or doctors for medical inspections (for your work or visa).
  • Before you leave, talk about what to do in case of  serious illness to yourself, your family members or the family and good friends you leave behind.
  • Consider taking first aid training before you leave to increase your independency.
How to check your furniture, sort and pack it?
  • Clean up, throw away, give away household contents and involve your children in respect of their own things.
  • Consider temporary storage of contents that you’re not taking.
  • Check if there are any import taxes to items that you want to bring.
  • Consider donating items to a charity shop.
  • Check if you have any lent or borrowed items.
  • Make an inventory list of all the stuff you are going to take with you; make pictures of (the state) of your valuable items.
  • Check the usability of electrical equipment in your new country.
  • Are going to pack yourself, write on the boxes what the content is. 
Why and how to request removal quotations?
  • Create one basic list which you can present to several movers.
  • Check the frequency of transport to move to your new country of residence.
  • Ask about experiences of previous emigrants.
  • Think about transport insurance. 
How to relocate (domestic) animals?
  • Allow plenty of time figuring out requirements, permits and necessary documents in your new country of residence if you want to take a pet along: including vaccinations, quarantine and import permits.
  • Check additional regulations of your transporter (e.g. airline).
  • Check what needs to be done before departure about transport, food, drink if your pet is transported by airplane.

What issues to give attention on determine date: packing and load?

  • Take into account time to sort out and packing + cleaning and drying of certain goods.
  • Reconfirm the date a week in advance to avoid surprises.
  • Arrange child care for your kids.
  • Find a secure place for essential items and documents (such as important documents, keys and medicines).
  • Arrange enough drink and meals for moving day.
  • Arrange enough space for moving truck(s) on moving day.
  • Discuss extra concerns with the coordinator at the beginning of the moving day.
  • Check and double check all the rooms before the mover leaves. 

How to unsubscribe?

  • Register that you are leaving with the authorities (municipality) 1 to 5 days prior to departure from your home country
  • If necessary carry out the necessary formalities with regards to your car registration and tax.

How to say goodbye?

  • Make clear agreements with those staying behind in case you get sick or worse.
  • Invite other people to read your (emigration) blog/ write something for your blog.
  • Check tips in organizing a special goodbyes.
  • Make a back-up plan if you suddenly have to go back to your country of origin, check if there are friends/ relatives you can stay with if you do not have your own house anymore.
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