National Shoe The World Day


Food, shelter, and clothes are the basic needs of every human in this world. However, one such necessity that millions of people worldwide struggle to get is good quality footwear. From walking barefoot on hard, warm surfaces to walking in slippery, muddy jungles, many people don’t have access to footwear.

Walking without protection or barefoot can even lead to a lifetime of problems, including pain, injury, cuts, sores, infections, parasites, e.t.c. Moreover, apart from the health issues, people can get banned from schools and other business places for not wearing them, and this issue is exactly what National Shoe The World Day addresses. We might be blessed to have several pairs of shoes in our closets, but few are lucky enough to have one pair of shoes even though they are much too big for them.

This is where National Shoe The World Day comes in. It is created to bring bring awareness to the incredible need and to take action in helping.

How can you take part and help?

  1. Change your footwear

    Many health issues could arise from wearing low-quality or no footwear. If you’re dealing with any of those, it's time to change your footwear!

  2. Donate shoes

    The best way to celebrate National Shoe The World Day is by donating shoes to those who need footwear in your world.

  3. Share your story

    If you’ve seen someone suffer without proper footwear or have personal experience, you can share your story on social media and create awareness.

Want to help?

Make sure to add this event to your calendar: National Shoe the World Day

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