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Over onderstaande reis zijn blogs over mijn voorbereiding en gedurende de reis te vinden: Nieuw Zeeland backpacken (januari-februari) Sydney studeren (februari-juni) Australië backpacken (juni-sept
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Er staan aantekeningen van hoorcolleges van verscheidende vakken, zowel eerstejaars basisvakken als tweede/derdejaars vakken verdiepend richting de neurologie, op dit account
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NESBED Live Lecture  Week 5: Identity and Groups

Live Lecture  Identity and Groups The Self Concept: The self-concept involves self-referential processing, with different aspects: 1. **Sensorimotor self:** Includes a sense of agency and embodiment. 2. **Ongoing self:** Encompasses personality traits, motivation for self-esteem, and personal m...

NESBED Knowledge Clips Week 5

Knowledge Clips: Relationships and Infant Attachment Attachment Across Species: Attachment is a long-lasting social bond found across animal species, especially in humans, involving romantic partners and infant-parent relationships. The goal of attachment is to maintain close proximity to the partne...

NESBED Live Lecture Week 4

Live Lecture week 4 Live Lecture: Part 1 - Olfactory Social Neuroscience Smell loss is inversely associated with color vision emergence, suggesting a trade-off between these sensory abilities. Humans, however, can outperform some animals in olfaction, but a certain level of olfactory strength is nee...

NESBED Knowledge Clips Week 4: part 2

Knowledge Clips: Interacting with Others The ultimatum game is an economic exchange between two people designed to measure fairness. While an economic perspective suggests human behavior is focused on personal gain, experiments, including the ultimatum game, reveal a more complex reality. Prospect t...

NESBED Knowledge Clips Week 4: part 1

Knowledge Clips: Olfactory Social Neuroscience The ability of smell in humans is actually very good, as demonstrated by research conducted by Porter et al (2007). In this study, people were required to follow a trail of chocolate oil using only their noses, with their eyes and ears covered. The rese...

NESBED Live Lecture Week 3: Personality Disorders

Live Lecture: Personality Disorders What is a personality disorder? A. An enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectations of the individual's culture. This pattern is manifested in > 2 of the following areas: - Cognition - Affectivity - Interpersonal...

NESBED Knowledge Clips Week 2

Knowledge Clips Week 3: Understanding Others These clips focus on empathy, simulation theory, and autism. Empathy: the ability to read the mind of others. → In daily life, we consider it to be a good thing. When we talk about empathy, we talk about hypotheses or inferences we make about the min...

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