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Travel & Move: 
20 years of innovation, millions of miles traveled
Experience & Leisure: 
Founders of Pacsafe have felt the thrill of coming across secret alleys in bustling cities, the joy of having that first bite of a local delicacy, and the awe of standing among ancient ruins. They
have also felt the heartbreak of having our passports stolen, the discomfort of trying to sleep on top of our backpacks to keep them safe, and the anxiety of crossing a sketchy border with every dollar we own in our pockets.
Learn & Develop: 
While some people think the threat of getting ripped off is all part of the adventure, they always knew there had to be a better way.
That by taking some extra security with you, you would enjoy the ride even more. You might even push further out of your comfort zone to experience something new. Something life changing.
Help & Change: 
turtle fund mission At Pacsafe, the sea turtle symbolizes the intrepid, global traveler.
They are committed to supporting a world with healthy oceans and coastlines where all marine turtles, can travel and flourish in a safe environment. The Pacsafe Turtle Fund was launched in 2014 with the aim of supporting the conservation efforts of endangered sea turtles globally by providing annual grants to sea turtle conservation projects.
Work & Initiate: 
Pacsafe Founders Rob Schlipper & Magnus McGlashan started Pacsafe, with a vision to help travelers embrace life's adventures. For them, the biggest reward is seeing a Pacsafe bag on someone’
s back in a customs queue, or a tote slung over somebody’s shoulder as they navigate a packed city street. We like to think that some of the bounce in their step comes from knowing their gear is secured. One question we like to ask people that continues to inspire our own journey: Where is your next adventure taking you? We’d love Pacsafe to come along for the ride.


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