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Travel & Move: 
With its headquarters based in the Netherlands, its production site in Asia, and agents all over the world.
Experience & Leisure: 
BWN meets the needs of its users and stakeholders with a global mindset, in turn making safe drinking water simple, affordable and available
Learn & Develop: 
BWN has supplied our innovative Dutch-designed Tulip water filters to more than 2,000,000 people worldwide, offering safe and durable drinking water products that are simple to use and last for thousa
nds of liters.
Help & Change: 
More than 2,000,000 people with improved health. By using BWN Tulip filters, a family will experience much less diseases, especially children younger than five.
The average family in the countries we work consists of 5 people per family. One filter can clean enough water for an entire family every day, making it safe to drink.
Work & Initiate: 
BWN works together with numerous NGOs, Ministries of Health and many other public and private partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the fields of HWTS and WASH.
BWN is also involved with most Self Supply programs in Eastern and Southern Africa.


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