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Mini CV
Travel & Move: 
My most special travel experience was when I went traveling alone for the first time. I went to Costa Rica and there I climbed a volcano crater.
I made some travel buddies and we made that experience together. The freedom I felt was indescribable.
Experience & Leisure: 
I am a huge fan of travelling. Meeting different people from all over the world and experiencing new cultures. When I am travelling, I can carry out my hobby photography.
When I am in The Netherlands, I like to hang out with my friends, listen to music and visit festivals with them. Soul, electronic, hiphop, balkan music. I listen almost to everything and I spend a lot of time to find new music.
Learn & Develop: 
JoHo employee - Master Media and Journalism
Help & Change: 
Work & Initiate: 
Bachelor of Commmunication, Avans University of Applied Sciences Breda - Master Media and Journalism, Erasmus University Rotterdam


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