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Mini CV
Travel & Move: 
My most special experience during my travels is: Staying with a local nomad family in Iran
Experience & Leisure: 
One of my contributions to the World during my leisure time is writing about sustainable travelling on
We also did projects in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and Nepal to help local unions, in cooperation with a Netherlands based union.
Learn & Develop: 
We try to help others by sharing stories on different levels. In addition to our travel stories, I write stories about the publishing industry which are published on
Help & Change: 
I support World Supporter by sharing my profile with others. I will also share stories that were before published on our own website.
Trough this we will be able to help others to travel comfortably, but with an eye on sustainability.
Work & Initiate: 
My favourite sustainable employer (so far) is called Better Places. Trough my girlfriends company we work for them and promote a more sustainable way of going on a holiday or traveling in general.


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