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23/12 Supersamenvatting & Bulletpoints - Psychopathology

Supersamenvatting The Third Edition of Psychopathology: Research, Assessment, and Treatment in Clinical Psychology is a comprehensive book. It covers both psychopathology and clinical practice, includes extensive descriptions of treatment techniques for a variety of mental health issues, and it is ...

Bulletpoints the History of Psychology - van der Velde (English)

Chapter 1: What was the mechanism?

  • The nature side of this debate assumes that the basis of human behavior is determined by hereditary factors, while the nurture side of the debate assumes that human behavior is determined by the experiences people have throughout their life. The nurture si...

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There are several ways to navigate the large amount of summaries, study notes en practice exams on JoHo WorldSupporter.

  1. Search tool: quick & dirty - not very elegant but the fastest way to find a specific summary of a book or study assistance with a specific course or subject. The searc...