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Travel & Move: 
My most remarkable experience abroad was conducting an ethnographic research in Agbogbloshie, Ghana.
This is an electronic waste dumping ground where laborers from various parts of West Africa work together to eek out a living from recycling waste products.
Experience & Leisure: 
My contribution to the world in the framework of 'experience & leisure' is inspiring others to pursue the lifestyle sport of rock climbing as a means of healing and calming the mind whi
lst performning the meditative act of climbing up a rock face.
Learn & Develop: 
Throughout my educational career my reasonign behind studying cultural anthropology and developmental sociology was born out of a desire to improve collaberation across cultures to facilitate a susta
inable future.
Help & Change: 
For my bachelor program I interned at company that does research on improving agricultural practices in areas where traditional subsistence farming is giving way to more commercial farming with the in
tention of having Africa feed itself. My contribution was in the form of research on the effectivity of different tools to disseminate information on agricultural practices.
Work & Initiate: 
My previous employer fabricated sustaible homes, reducing the CO2 output by 90%.


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