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Travel & Move: 
The most special experience during my travel has been when i went in Cebu last September 2018 with my colleagues it was my first time to flew and take airplaine so I’m very much excited .
when we arrive in mactan airport I quickly looked around and I saw the similarities of Manila and Cebu , ther’s so much people, cars, establishment and so on. We also encountered traffic there . the tourist spots are far from each other we taked 2-3 hours to get into one another but then again once we nreach each spots it amazes us how breathtakingly beautiful it was I have these top 3 most favorites spots in cebu (Simala shrine, Kawasan Falls and Sirao garden). Simala Church this holy eucharist located in Sibonga cebu I noticed that the construction of this are similar with Hogwarts castle in the movie of Harry Potter, Amazing right? The Kawasan falls it’s one of the famous waterfalls here in the Philippines the turquoise blue water are cold but quiet relaxing it’s good for adventurous people because you could also embark on a bamboo raft and go for a ride under the waterfall and at the same time receive a tremendous neck massage by the pouring water. The Sirao gardern dubbed as “Little Amsterdam of cebu ” it’s one of the most visited attraction in cebu , A huge part of the Garden is blooming with Celosia flowers which comes in yellow, fuschia, and orange; and is surprisingly creating a surreal landscape. Eventhough there were some parts that was bare because they just harvested, you can’t deny the fact that the place is already gaining prominence with its vivid hues and incredible floral landscape that is to watch for in the Ber-months. And ofcourse Travel experience would be completed if you took a lot of photos and keep it as a souvenir . You know things end but memories will last forever.
Experience & Leisure: 
So i'm a religous person and luckily my thesis falls into Faith Tourism so i get into a lot of pilgrimages sites and one of these are the Regina Rosarii in Tanay Rizal and Montemaria in Btangas.
in Regina Rosarii You will feel the divine embrace as you tread on the holy ground trail on your way up to a hill composed of 308 steps of paved stairs leading to where you can find a towering statue of the blessed virgin Mary with the young Jesus in one of her arms. It is known as our Lady, Regina Rosarii - a 71-foot high image of our Lady, Queen of the Holy Rosary. However the Montemaria The Montemaria was conceived as a destination to attract devotees and pilgrims. It can be considered as a tourism and/or retirement village it is strategically located at the southernmost tip of Batangas Bay in Batangas City. The 8-hectare World Destination project is nestled at the heart of the 130-hectare township in Montemaria, Batangas City. So we make studies about the said pilgrimage sites to lead in the better understanding of the residents and tourists about the religious pilgrimage that may may serve as a toolto protect and preserve the existing structure and also it may be align the industry preferences and better promote the Philippines as a country with unique spiritual significance that will attract millions of pilgrims from all corners of the world.
Learn & Develop: 
So being a part time model and a graduating student I had a lot of great experiences one of these was being a runway coach that empowered both men and women to help them feel confident both on and of
f the runway one step a time However being a graduating student puts me a lot of pressure especially that I’m a scholar when I get into our home organization what we called HOTOMATO (Hospitality and Tourism Management) I’m the Tourism representative so being here in the position I’ve gained a lot of good experiences on how to handle every students rants, maked school events, maked good communications with the whole hospitality management most especially being to understand different kind of people and to speak up. Helps me to grow up.
Help & Change: 
So I’ve been into this organization that aims to have a sustainable tourism with that I’ve also work a lot here we’re raising awareness about social issues and concerns and bridge the gap between peo
ple with different backgrounds so now as a volunteer as well we help peoples in underpreviligeged communities to improve their living conditions , and this make sense for us to have a sustainable tourism that will make a world better.
Work & Initiate: 
Being an Intern I was able to gain more knowledge , Enhance my skills and surround Myself with the real industry I could go for after graduating, so I was assigned to the Art gallery office it’s under
a travel agency also requires us to go for their tour so I was in the middle of my internship and learned a lot of stuffs like selling art materials, interacting with the gallery visitors , marketing, book a tour and so on . Thinking probably this experience that I gained will help me to prepare and to provide benefits as well to enter the workforce in the very near future.


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