Title: Current situation in Malawi: horrible weather
Current situation in Malawi: horrible weather

Current situation in Malawi: horrible weather

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Current situation in Malawi: horrible weather

Current situation in Malawi: horrible weather

Whoever watched the news in the past few weeks will notice that the current situation in Malawi was not given much attention, however, the situation is very very bad. There are no Ebola infections, no luckily not, but there were many storms and very heavy rainfall. The USA today mentiones that flooding has killed over 176 people and left more than 200 000 people without a house. It might seem very distant to some of you, but for some, like myself, it was a shock to see the pictures of areas I have been to, and to realize how many people were afraid and homeless. In south Malawi, where the floods are worst, it is difficult to access the area. The low lands have been transformed into vast lakes, after the river the Shire had burst its banks. In this river are crocs and hippos, so even when having found shelter, the situation is life-threathening.

On facebook our housedaddies told us they were very afraid, as there was a warning for earthquakes, next to all the bad luck they already had. The housedaddies showed us pictures of their completely destroyed houses, mud everywhere, trees fallen down and even a picture of a flooded road on which I walked this summer. The projectleader also uploaded pictures on facebook from floods in the area, even from the nursery school that we built this summer together, now without a roof and with broken walls. It makes you feel so sad when you read this, and realize that a lot of effort and work has been lost. However, the school was in use for a few months, and new volunteers will help rebuilding all that has been damaged. With the bad weather, locals also cannot make the new bricks that they desperately need to rebuild houses and schools.

The worst thing is yet to come: thousands and thousands of acres of land are destroyed and with them all the crops that grew on them. These crops are of immense value to local villagers: understandable when that is the few that you own, eat or sell. Crops and livestock are life-saving, and now these are washed away by rains and floods.

When you want to read more on this, you can for example read this article:


If you want to help, go to this website where a fellow volunteer tells you in a blog how to help and donate money (in Dutch):


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