Title: Interview met een Balinese
Interview met een Balinese

Foto's bij mijn interview met een Balinese

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Interview met een Balinese

Interview met een Balinese


Mijn coördinatoren van de introductie week op Bali bleken helemaal niet niet zo oud te zijn, slechts 20 en 16! Ze komen ouder over dan ze zijn omdat ze altijd weten wat ze moeten doen, ook in noodgevallen. Met zulke leuke mensen kun je een gesprek beginnen over dingen die je niet zomaar aan anderen zou vragen. Vooral ook omdat de oudste van de twee goed engels spreek =p

What do you think of all the tourists here?
"It's good. Otherwise no one here in Ubud has a job. It is more busy, polluting and traffic gets very busy but still. More tourists is better."

Do you think pollution is a big problem here?

"Not so big as in other parts of Indonesia like Java. Bali is still little bit clean. People from Java here throw thrash on the streets. It's really bad. In my village you cannot do that. You get a fine. We put thrash in street like plastic with plastic, paper with paper...yeah it's better like that." (she means recycling)

Have you ever been abroad?

"No, not yet! I really want to go. Where should I go? I want to see how different it is. And see snow haha"

How long have you've been working for Green Lion Bali?

"hmmm....9 months? I want to save money to travel. And I will study at university in Denpasar soon. I want to become a English teacher. All the english I know I learnt from talking with the volunteers. At first I was too shy to speak, I don't know what to say! My english was not good."

Is religion important here in Bali?

"Yes, about 70% here is hindu. There are many temples and ceremonies and we make offers everyday like when we finish cooking. To thank for the food, like that. Each day we need about 40 offerings so we make about 200 in a day for the rest of the week. If we have time. If no time, we buy haha. But expensive! Because it takes time to make. We do everyday so for us not so long. Yesterday food spilled over volunteer, that because I forgot to make offering after cooking class!

Every family lives in one house together. You marry and live with husband family. So many generation in one house and every house has a family temple and a ceremony room."

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