Lecture 3: Neuroimaging

Measuring the brain Measuring the brain and its activity can be done in different ways. To create anatomical imagines and by that measuring the brain structure X-rays, MRI, D-MRI and MRS are commonly used techniques. CT and angiography are X-rays techniques. MRI is used to differentiate different tissue types. D-MRI is used to measure diffusion through white matter tracts and MRS is used to measure chemical compositions. The brain’s activation and with that the brain’s function can be measured both directly and indirectly. Direct techniques (neuronal firing) are EEG, MEG, ECoG and invasive line electrodes. Indirect techniques (blood circulation or oxygen levels) are fMRI, PET (3D) and fNIRS (2D). Techniques to stimulate the brain and measure perturbing brain functions are DBS, (r)TMS and TDCS. Brain structure: X-raysThe technique of X-rays was the first way of looking into the body without having to open it up. Bone structure can be see very clearly. Radiographs are the rays that are absorbed to a different extent by different tissue types and different doses of radiation. Soft tissue cannot be seen when using the X-rays technique. CT is an example of an X-rays technique. It has a moderate dose of radiation and by creating multiple projections the result will have a better resolution. A CT-scan is a radiograph from different angles. Soft tissue cannot be seen when using this X-rays technique. Angiography is an X-rays technique to image blood vessels by using contrast agents. Brain structure: MRIMRI is based on magnetic fields and does not use radiation. Contrast agents are sometimes useful, but not necessary. MRI also imagines soft tissue. Given contrasts by MRI are tissue characteristics, water diffusion and oxygen saturation. MRI consists of a nuclear magnetic resonance: spins of hydrogen atoms/protons are measured. It is used to apply pulses and see what the protons do. Proton density differs over tissue times and they behave...

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