WSRt using SPSS, manual for tests in the third block of the second year of psychology at the uva

Here is a short explanation how to do tests in SPSS. These are the tests needed for the third block of WSRt and psychology at the second year of the uva.

Correlation analysis (two continuous variables)

  1. Open the data
  2. Go to analyse, correlate, bivariate
  3. Place the variables of which you want to know the correlation under ‘variables’
  4. Click on ‘paste’ and run the syntax

Partial correlation (three continuous variables and you want to know the correlation between two variables, corrected for a third variable)

  1. Open the data
  2. Go to analyse, correlate, partial
  3. Place the variable of which you want to know the correlation under ‘variables’
  4. Place the variable for which you want to control under ‘controlling for’
  5. Click on ‘options’
    Select ‘zero-order correlations’ (this is the correlation without controlling for one variable)
  6. Click on ‘continue’
  7. Click on ‘paste’ and run the syntax

Multiple regression analysis

  1. Open the data
  2. Go to analyse, regression, linear
  3. Place the dependent variable under ‘dependent’
  4. Place the independent variables under ‘independent’
    If you want to run more models, you can put the first variable under ‘independent’, click on ‘next’ and put the next variable under ‘independent’ (this way you can compare the models)
  5. Click on ‘statistics’ and select:
    Model fit
    R squared change (if you have multiple models)
    Part and partial correlations
    Collinearity diagnostics
  6. Click on ‘plots’
    Put ZPRED under Y
    Put ZRESID under X
    (This is for testing homoscedasticity)
  7. Click on ‘save’ and select:
    (for expected values)
    Leverage values
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