This is How I Recognize & Treat Fungal Infections

Fungus is the group of organisms that promotes spores; you may get fungal growth on skin and nails such as athlete’s foot, ring worm, jock itch or vaginal yeast infections. Fungal infections are not life threatening and usually don’t harm your skin but there are always cure for it and you can reduce the risk of getting it.

Fungal infection can create red patches on the affected area. Sometimes these patches itch too. If you didn’t get treatment for fungal infection it will keep on growing and patches would look like circle or rings.

Types of fungal infection:

Dermatophytes are responsible for fungal infections commonly name as ring worm despite its name it is not caused by worms its cause is fungus. Fungus can affect your hair , nails and skin. They are contagious and can spread through direct contact.

  1. If you shake hands with a person who has fungal infection you may also likely to get it.
  2. Fungal infection can spread when one uses public bathrooms and swimming pools.
  3. It is caused when you touch an infected animal.
  4. Mostly children toys and unwashed floors and clothes are responsible for spreading fungal infections.
  5. Don’t walk bare foot you will catch fungal infection easily.

Treatment of fungal infection

Anti-fungal topical creams are beneficial in treating fungal infections you may be given oral tablets too. Your doctor will suggest you hygiene and cleaning habits you need to follow for fungal infection.

Time to visit doctor

See your doctor if your over the counter treatments and creams are not working. Rush to doctor if itching gets worse. If it is troublesome for your doctor to diagnose the cause he will prescribe you to have biopsy in which a clear cause will be detected and he will start your treatment.

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