What are the Aspects that You need to Ponder while Calculating the Cost of the Relocation?

Summary: Are you looking for the packers and movers in Bangalore? Are you seeking the price list of the movers before choosing the right one? If yes, then you need to ponder over the factors first that is the main reason why you need to pay this much for the process of the home shifting or bike shifting.

All you need to ponder over the given aspects:

  • Distance between two cities
  • Items of the Household
  • Type of delivery
  • Lifting technology
  • Packing and unpacking techniques
  • Manpower required
  • Charges of the trucks and tempos
  • Additional charges

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Let us discuss these points in detail:

Distance between two cities 

The first and foremost step is to maintain the chart of the prices and the factors on which these factors depend. You need to ponder over the distance between the two cities. This will get an idea of the kilometers and then you can imagine and calculate the amount of fuel required for the journey. The longer the distance, the higher will be the charges.

Items of the Household 

The second most important things are to ponder over the items of the household that you need to focus on and that is the size of the house. No matter whether it is the house of 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, or 4 BHK, etc.

Type of delivery

There are several types of delivery process. But, two types of delivery are main and that is:

  • Sharing delivery: In this kind of delivery method, you would know the best way of saving money and that is the sharing method of delivery. Yes, under this, your items of the household will be delivered with the items of the other people with the help of the same truck or tempo. But, it will take some time to proceed ahead and will take one week around. This is the cheapest method of delivery. 
  • Private delivery: There is another method of delivery and that is the best way to keep your items secure and safe. This is the private mode of delivery of the items. Yes, under this method, the household items will be kept in private and different tempos and trucks.  This will cost you quite higher than the sharing mode of delivery.

Lifting technology

You will need the perfect technique for the loading and the unloading process of the household items. You will need to pay extra for that as well.

Packing and unpacking techniques

You will need to hire the packers and movers in BTM Layout so that you will be getting the best packing and unpacking services and this will cost you high.

Manpower required

You will be required high manpower for the delivery of the heavy and the large items of the household.

Charges of the trucks and tempos

You will hire tempo rental in Bangalore for the relocation process so that you will get the smooth Experience of the relocation so it will cost you high.

Additional charges

You will need to pay for the additional charges also such as for the pet relocation services or the service of the extra packing or double packing. This will cost you more.


All in all, you need to take care of the above-mentioned things and if you want to hire the services of the packers and movers in your city.

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