Game: Cinco (five)


My name is Fleur Scherpenisse.

this is sort of a volleybal game, its easy and a lot of fun!

When I was in Brazil i've learned a game thats called cinco, cinco means five in Portuguese.

How does it work?

well first of all you can play it with 2 to 20 people and all that you need is a volleyball.

the players are going to stand in a circle and one person got the ball. the person who got the ball is going to volley it to another person. and thats uma (one) than the other person has to volley the bal to again another person this is then dois(two). its very important that you know that you cant catch the ball if its thrown at you you have to volley it right back! you repeat this till you are by four and then the fifth time you have to smasch the ball at someone and if they catch the ball then you are out but if they dont and you hit them then that person is out! 

the one who is left over WINS!

so it goes like this:

uma (one)

dois (two)

três (three)

quatro (four)

cinco! (FIVE!) SMASH


i hope you enjoy the game, i know i did!



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Klinkt als een leuk spel! Ga

Klinkt als een leuk spel! Ga ik onthouden :)

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