I've been fairly quit these last days, the direct reason for this is the plaincrash of the MH17 and the terrible pain that it has cost to so many families. Writing this right now makes me feel a lump in my troath all over again, cause this crash for me reflects the horrible pain all over the world.

What is happening to our world? I know it is not something new, the wars, the hunger, the suffering and the unnessecary fights over oil, money, drugs and corruption. I honestly believe we are good from the start, but why do so many people turn in to evil creatures during their journey in this life.

Is it really all about money, possesion and status?, because I really do not understand how people can be capable of hurting others so badly. The disaster with the MH17 made my heart just stop from disbelieve, the ground defensive in Gaza where so many innocent people are being killed and so I can go on for days. It seems like the world gets uglier every day, when would it be enough?

For a second it made me doubt my role as a World Supporter, since all this awfull news touched me so deeply, that I felt overwhelmed. All the things I've done and am doing to make this world a bit better seemed insufficient compared to all the pain and suffering, but then I realised if we would all think like that, the situation would only get worse then it already is.

Every little effort does matter, the uncountable comforting words to all the victims and families of the MH17 passengers reflect how many people do care, cause this is where the change starts. It is horrible that so many people have to die before we finally get aware about the importance of supporting and respecting this world and every single inhabitant on it.

Lets hope these awfull affairs make more people change their attitudes about each other and their role in this world, then these innocent people did at least not die for absolutely nothing, because that would make these events even more unbearable.

** My thoughts and prayers go out to all the innocent victims in this world, today especially those who let their lifes in the MH17 crash, may they rest in peace ** 


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My compliments for your

My compliments for your writing Cecile! I felt so sad for everyone who lost someone because of the crash of MH17. But I found it very hard to write anything on worldsupporter about this disaster and also about the problems in Gaza. This blog actually describes the same feelings I had while reading the newspapers, watching the tv or seeing the que of cars driving from Eindhoven to Hilversum.

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