We arrived at the project on Sunday and initially spent quite some time engaging in daily activities around the small eco-forest/reserve (where we sleep as well in ‘eco-huts’), joined for meals in the orphanage and engaged in some teaching activities in the school, mainly introducing some of our own culture and background to the students.

The management of the eco reserve, which is supposed to fund an orphanage and a school through tourism-related activities, is made up of Kenyan nationals. They are very enthusiastic but are looking for some outside help to determine the organisational direction in terms of revenue and priorities to develop their operation with a sustainable long-term plan in mind. Through a series of workshops structured around different topic areas such as Grounds Management, Revenue Streams, Marketing, Timelines, we are looking to talk through most of the items on their mind and help to implement small changes/additions to the reserve right away and developing long-term objectives as well.

Clearly, there are some operational challenges but with their vision and enthusiasm to learn about the knowledge we have I hope we can be of assistance in their vision.

Time to get out of this sticky internet-cafe.

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