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Project Finish

The on-site part of the project is finished. Considering the short time spent at the site we will still be engaged for a short time to ensure the online marketing initiatives are taken on by the organisation in a manageable way in order to generate more visitors over the coming time. It seems that t...


We arrived at the project on Sunday and initially spent quite some time engaging in daily activities around the small eco-forest/reserve (where we sleep as well in ‘eco-huts’), joined for meals in the orphanage and engaged in some teaching activities in the school, mainly introducing som...


It has become more apparent that working with the organisation the tendency of the management team is to still rely on external funding quite heavily. At the moment we are working with them to make them see that the facilities they have with regards to their eco-reserve and tourist lodges provide a ...


Spectacular, is what I would call the nightly approach into Nairobi. First, for a few hours there is nothing but darkness around the plane and it feels like you’re right amidst the starts in the African night sky. Then, after just dipping below the equator, the large round patch of lights that...