Pronounce the Word

Education Category: Creative, General, Language
Ages: 4-8, 8-12, 12-16


In Malawi we played a little pronounce the word game. The teacher, or game leader grabs a pen and some sheets of paper and draws 5 animals, 5 pieces of furniture and 5 body parts.

Afterwards he shows those pictures to the children, who then have to say what’s on the picture. Once all the pictures have been shown, the teacher writes the name of the animal, body part, piece of furniture on the same sheet of paper as the corresponding picture.

Next he shows the pictures once again, though this time the children have to pronounce the word written on the picture. Once every word is used once, the teacher can let the children experiment with other words or pictures.

This game can be played with more than the three given categories, for example you could replace body parts with colours, or animals with country flags.

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