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In Malawi we were a lot among children. We loved them! A couple times we seriously took the time to play with these children. We did this during kids corner. But also a couple of times just random because the children came to us to play! This happend at Liyo. 
The children in Malawi do not have a lot of toys. Or things to play with. So we had to think of things to do with them. Things we could do in a big group. 

At kids corner we introduced the children to some dutch games like ''Annemarie koekoek!'' and ''Schipper mag ik overvaren?'' The children loved it and played along very well. We also learned some Malawian games for children like ''Face to face, back to back''. 

How to play ''Annemarie Koekoek'' 
1. Make a big group
2. Choose 1 ''leader''
3. The leader turns his back to the group and starts yelling Annemarieee.... KOEKOEK
4.The group runs while he is saying Annemariee.. KOEKOEK as fast as they can to the other side
5. When the leader turns around the children have to freeze! 
6. The one who still moves is out
7. Repeat this 
8. The one who is firts to the other side wins! 

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