An interview with a local friend in Costa Rica

What is your name?

Natalia Chinchilla

How old are you?

20 years old.

Have you are done any voluntarywork yourself?

Yes, I had to do voluntary work at school! But I want to do more voluntary work in the future!

When did you hear of the Casa Naranja Foundation?

I heard about it from Menno Ehlert and you at work and got inspired. That made me tell my family and friends.

What do you think about Casa Naranja?

Its a great initiative that Costa Rica need since poverty is present at all levels and children are mostly victim because of this negative atmosphere. Casa Naranja helps these children that need it most.

Where do you think that Casa Naranja can improve in the future?

Well, I don't mean this negative but I think in all segments except moral! It's a beginning organization, like youve told me you started in November of last year, so on all parts you can improve, reach, organizing etc. Just your moral you need to keep, that is so high since you see the first results and youre just starting, keeping that mentality will be a challenge!

What can you mean for Casa Naranja and or children in Costa Rica?

Well, like ive promised you guys, I will try to get you in touch with Saprissa (the biggest national club of Costa Rica). That will get you some national advertisement and trust of local business owners to show that you are the real deal! Furthermore I would love to visit a project with you guys to see how you handle the projects instead of just seeing pictures online!

Any final comments?

I know this is just the beginning for you guys. It's amazing what you guys are doing. And Im proud that guys like you are helping my country. You're helping people that need your help so that's spot on! Keep it up!

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