Primark, most of you must have heard about it. Most of you must be in two minds regarding to this cheap shop chain since it offers cute and cheap clothes, but does not really fit the believes of a world supporter. I rarely buy at Primark, but after today I swear to god I won't every buy anything over there, not even a pair of socks. Do you want to know why, then keep on reading!

Yesterday the news came out about a woman in Wales who found a strange message on the washing labels in her Primark dress. "Forced to work exhausting hours" it said in hand-stitching. The woman, Rebecca Gallagher bought the dress for only £10, which was a bargain, she said. The Label made her feel guilty, and moreover, made her rethink all the bargains she did at Primark before. "It makes you think about all the bad circumstances regarding to clothing production".

This incident brings the fashion industry in a whole new light again. After the big tragedy in Bangladesh, where the Rana Plaza collapsed and thousand employees died, most people thought the industry got more transparant, fair and responsible. This label issue makes this thought unreliable, because why would this pop up if circumstances got better?

This label can be labelled as "very bad press" for Primark, although a spokesperson of the brand stated that this dress was in stores over a year ago. So now the brand is hidding behind the fact that the work circumstances have bettered in the last year, but they do also state that they want the dress back so they can investigate this issue and eventually better issues that come to the surface.

I think this news stinks, and again, shows us that the fashion industry still has blood on their hands regarding to the production of low cost fashion brands. But I also know it is hard as a student to buy affordable clothes nowadays that are fair, so therefor I think this is an story that has no end yet, what do you think??

Source;  South Wales Evening Post


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Toevallig dat je er een blog

Toevallig dat je er een blog over geschreven hebt, zat er ook aan te denken! Sinds ik terug ben uit Nepal en me iets bewuster ben van de oneerlijke kledingindustrie is er geen haar op mijn hoofd die er nog over denkt de Primark in te stappen. Ik probeer dat ook aan anderen duidelijk te maken, maar dat is nog knap lastig omdat de vraag terug dan al snel is: waar koop jij dan kleding waar je zeker van weet dat het wel eerlijk gemaakt is? En hoewel ik erop probeer te letten is het niet altijd makkelijk om altijd te slagen met eerlijke kledingmerken. Wel ben ik een stuk minder gaan kopen dat helpt natuurlijk ook! Jij maakt zelf veel mooie dingen toch? Ik ben wel in voor een DIY haha ;-)

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