Mime Dance

Education Category: Creative
Ages: 4-8, 8-12, 12-16

Musical Education
Dancing with music, mime

Move rhytmical with music untill the music stops.
when music stops , dancers suddenly stop to convert to something by freezing
For example: Freeze and become a '
 a cat
 someone standing by a bomfire
 a cleaning lady
 an icecream seller
 a traffic-police
 a driver   

Also name things that the dancers could do :  jump, dance sad, dance happy, dance lazy, jump like a frog  etc.

Mime dance
Arrange as many chairs in the room as dancers
Start the music and let the children dance
When the music stops the children will run to a chair
On the chair they will find a picture belonging to them
The children will then immitate the instruction/mime on the picture

Example: wash your face, brush your teeth, smile, cry, draw an imaginary picture, wave, jump, eat, walk, shake hands, make the number sign  2 with fingers etc...

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