Sorting, pairing & making a serie or a group with children

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Sorting activities:

Sorting shape, colour, size, weight etc.

Fill a bucket or a Tupperware box up with one of these materials: stones, shells, buttons, beats, dry beans.

Don’t put them alltogether but fill the bucket up with different kinds of stones or different kinds of buttons etc.

Activity Examples:


  • Let the child sort the stones and put them in groups.
  • Give them clear instructions.
  • Put all the little and the big stones together.


  •     Make a group of all the blue beats
  •     More difficult: Sort all the beats matching color, green with green, blue with blue, red with red etc..
  •     Make a group of all the triangle shaped stones
  •     Make a group of all the heavy stones

Tip: you can also challenge the children to count the materials after they sort them! Count while you clean up!

Pair materials:

Make the children look for two of the same materials by using their senses (feel, touch, smell, see, hear, taste) .

Tip: if you blind fault the child  he can also excerise  to use his other senses.


Box with fabrics and cloths

  • Make a box with fabrics and cloths which will feel different
  • Put two pieces of fabric in the box
  • The child is only allowed to feel
  • Eyes are closed
  • Encourage the child find two of the same kind


Other materials (put two pieces of every material in the box)

  •     Sand paper: different structures (to feel)
  •     Colour cardboard:  different color (to see)
  •     Stones: different sizes (to feel)
  •     Food: different tastes  (to taste)

Make a serie:

Choose one of  the following materials to make a serie:

Stones, buttons, sandingpaper, sticks, branches, bottles etc.


Challenge the child to make a serie, give clear instructions:

  • Make a row with buttons, from small to big
  • Start with the smallest and find bigger, biggest

      Stones: from light to heavy
      Bottles: from small to big
      Branches and sticks: from small to big or from short to long

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