We all care for a slave free world nowadays, at least I hope we all do. Most of you must be familiar with the food print calculators, that measure how many worlds there would be needed if everybody would live the way you do. There is something new now, it is called the 'Slavery food print', and it lets you measure how many slaves you are using to have the life you are having right now.

The Slavery Food Print is a very nice designed website that not only gives you the possibility to see how you are doing according to slavery, but also gives you information and tips during the test. Besides that, they help you to decide which brands to buy from to reduce slavery. Slavery food print is a project developed by 'made in a free world', a network of individuals, groups, and businesses working together to disrupt slavery and make freedom go viral.

I think this project is perfect to raise awareness since it is answering to nowadays time's Zeitgeist and helps to change behavior at the same time.

So how many slaves do you have?

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I think this is a very nice

I think this is a very nice initiative. It is ridiculous to see how many slaves have to work for you. It does not even matter which score you obtained, because each score above 0 is to much!I only think there is a hudge anticlimax, at the and of the food print measurement, because they do not really tell you how to improve your score.  

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