Make a Flower

Education Category: Creative
Ages: 4-8

A creative activity whereby children are going to make a flower.

Before starting with this activity you have to prepare the materials. Every child gets a template flower (already cut out). 

The activity is described in different steps:

  1. Draw the lines of the flower petals.
  2. Colour the flower petals.
  3. Cut out the new flower.
  4. Fold the petals inwards
  5. Set the flower in a bucket of water in the sun and wait until the petals completely open.
  6. Watch together how it opens and explain that flowers need water and sun.


  1. organize the materials:


  2. The teacher prepares a flower for each child (use thicker cardboard)


  3. The child draws a line around the cardboard-flower:


  4. The child draws with the help of the teacher and by using tools such as a ruler:


  5. Introduce color pencils and start painting :
    The teacher asks which color the child is using to paint the leaf


  6. Cut out the flower with a child - safe scissors!


  7. Fold:



  8. Alternatively decorate the flower : mark the flower, add dots and number the leaves


  9. Set the flower in water and let it float.
  10. The flowers open totally in the water!:)



  1. Physical & Arts & crafts: Fine motor skills
  2. Science: flowers need water and light and/or colours
  3. Math: Counting & colours


  • A template flower
  • Thick paper (cardboard)
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • A bucket with water
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