Interview 2

What is your name?
-My name is Mohan Neupane.

How old are you?
-I am 25 years old.

Where do you live and with who do you live?
-I live in Sundari Danda, Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal with my family members; sister, father and mother.

Do\did you study? If yes which study?
-Yes, I study BBS (Bachelor in Business Study).

Do you work? If yes, what is your job?
-Yes, I am working at a government school as a accountant at Pachabhiya.

What are the good things in the school?
-The school where I'm working now is the school where I started to learn the alphabhet like Ka, Kha, Ga and A, B, C, etc. that's why I love my school very much. There are so many good things in my school. For example that it is the first government school where students can learn in English medium. In Lekhnath there are few schools which are providing computer education for their students. My school is one of them and I am the first teacher who is teaching this type of course in my school.

What could be improved in the school?
-Nothing and nobody is complete in this world and my school isn't perfect either. So many things need to be improved in my school. In every government school there should be strick rules for students and for teachers. In every government school there are so many old teachers who can not read books properly. How can they teach? It is the virus for the governement schools. To improve all goverment school, Nepali goverment should take action by replacing the old generations by the young generations. It is the main problem for the schools and if this problem is solved the other problems will also be solved due to this.

What do you think of the political situation of Nepal?
-I don't think government job holders and teachers are allowed to talk political reated topic with the support of anyone political party and its view. But as a civilien we can talk about the future of our country (Nepal), because the political situation of Nepal is not good for the Nation. It is not politics I think, politics is the way of thinking but in Nepal politics is the way to earn money.

What are the good things of Nepali culture and what are the bad things?
-Various types of culture are available in Nepal. In Nepali culture the main bad things are superstiousness and caste system.
Ther are so many good things in the Nepali culture. For example every caste have their different traditional things, foods and god. Every one pray for every god.

How do you see the future of Nepal?
-We are the people who are behind 400 years compared to the European countries. But if you see the life syle of Nepali people you can see that everybody has their own mobile, bike, different types of clothes and they are expending like they have the plant from where they can take money. Thats why the future of Nepal is not good because the tax rate in Nepal is less then in other countries.

How do you see your future? What is your dream?
-I am trying to make my future golden beacause around my area I think so many friends are not enjoying their job and just passing their time.

How do you see your love life?
-I think it will depand on my partner.

What do you think of the traditional Nepali marraige system?
-It can be good if there are some thing improved.

What do you think of the caste system? Can you explain?
-Caste system is the system to divede the people in four category. They are Bramhin, Chhetri, Damai and Kami. Every caste is for a different job. Brahmin are for education chhetri for security of nation as army and police. Damai for making clothes and kami for making metal things on their home four types of caste have their own other castes.

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