What is your name?
-My name is Subin Timilsena

How old are you?
- I am 21 year old.

Where do you live?
-I live in Lekhnath-6, Kaski, Nepal.

Do you have a job?
-Yes, I have a job. I teach in a school.

Do you study, if yes what do you study?
-I study in Pokhara. My subject is bachelor in Microbiology.

What do you think of the political situation of Nepal?
-There is political instability in Nepal. Due to poor politicians Nepal is suffering, has huge problems and difficulties in every field, like in developmental work, health service, and educational field.

What should be improved in Nepal?
-The political situation should be improved.

What is the caste system, could you explain? What do you think about the caste system?
-Nepal is divided into 4 caste: the Brahmin, Chhetri, Bhudra and Vaisha. Brahmin is higher caste in Nepal. They don't eat food or drink water which was touched by a lower caste. I think it is a bad thing.

How do you see you your future?
-I'm worried about my future, because it is difficult to survive in Nepal. The lack of good job and employment are the main reasons.

What is your dream?
-My dream is to be a reputed and well established person in Nepal. But I want to go abroad, to Europe or America to earn a lot of money for my future.

How is your love life?
-My love life is very enjoyfull because chatting with my girlfriend is great. I have a good time with her. I am happy with her.

How do you see the future with your girlfriend?
-I see her as a life partner. It is difficult in Nepal to do a love marraige. I will make my love into marriage.

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