Hi guys, first of all; 'sorry for my lack of posts', i'm writing my thesis and it is totally and utterly overwhelming me. I made a very tight schedule since I'm still in the race to graduate with honor, (Cum Laude for the Dutchies). So most of my free time I'm just being an overtired zombie with an non-working brain, but from here on I promise to be better ;), starting with inspiring you to separate trash. As I might told you before, my dad lives in the south of the Netherlands as since a few years you can separate everything over here. From plastic, to regular trash, cans, glass, paper, batteries and go on. We always did that so, so, but since 2014 the borough where he lives came up with something new. For every trash bin that you put on the street to get picked up you have to pay five euros on top of the regular borough tax. Probably just a way to earn more money, but we saw it as a challenge to even separate our trash better then before. We bought a little trash can for the kitchen counter so all the com-posable trash could go in there and tried to buy less products with a lot of packaging material. It worked, because when you get a little bit more conscious of materials, trash and how to separate them you can save a lot of money over a while. From the 1st of January till today we did not have to put the trash bin outside, and for the 'mathies' under us, that is already fifteen euros. And besides the fact that people can immediately see that they can gain something out if, the best thing of all is that people are getting more conscious and contribute to a better, cleaner and healthier world. What do you do to separate your trash?

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